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Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"
Religions versus Poisons

A guest article by Dr. Turi (reprinted with permission)

Hello everyone,

It is always amazing to see my predictions unfolding, but what astonishes me most is that everyone is so surprised!

Isn't it interesting that the sign of Pisces rules both religion and poison? That it rules both spirituality and deception? Pisces ruled by Neptune the God of the seas, is a nebulous area, hard to pin down because it is water, the shifting sea, with no grounding. Therefore it is critical for us all to understand these energies so that we may find spirituality, the meaning of God, and the plain truth. Otherwise we fall to the soul poisoned with deceptive beliefs, to religious poisoning, away from the light, knowledge and, away from the spirit.

Note also that Neptune rules Pisces (a water sign) and in the Middle East, the Arabic intonations sound like people speaking under the water. The Middle east is also the top producer of oil. Consequently all deadly religions were born from that part of the world and like oil badly used, they poison man's body, mind and spirit.

Many of you have emailed me to expose my beliefs and vision regarding the release of Mel Gibson's new movie, "The Passion." As expected when religions are involved, controversial news will be hitting fast and furious causing emotional turmoil. Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" is unleashing this conflict. First, let me explain a few things from a celestial point of view.

Note: The following predictions were printed in 7-7-02 and were broadcast years ago (March 1991 on the Art Bell show) when I predicted "an internal US religious war."

Uranus in Pisces

Uranus entered Pisces March 11, 2003: Uranus (Age of Aquarius) is the future while Neptune (religion) rules the past. Pisces rules the Middle East and all its destructive outdated religions, while Uranus means explosive news and the use of advanced electronic equipment. Thus the war in the heavens translated here on earth, to the war in Iraq with it's explosions and changes of regimes, and where unification will mean peace with the neighboring countries and more trade. The entire region is still under the jurisdiction of Uranus forcing the past to be replaced by the future. Thus be ready to experience a taste of the unbelievable as far as the entire Middle East and its rulership is concerned. On a negative note Uranus rules the sudden release of energy (quakes in Morocco, explosions, suicides attacks). All happenings pertaining to nature's devastating forces are still unfolding, responding to the higher order imposed by the energy of Uranus (changes) in Pisces (religions of ! the past). The planet of the future meets the artistic and religious sign of Pisces. On a positive note many young souls will benefit from this advanced celestial energy and explore the incredible world of astrology without any religious limitations. The cinematography industry will experience incredible growth, due to use of new technological tools and increases of man's imaginative creativity. Titanic and the Matrix movies are a little sample of the things to come with Uranus (technology) in Pisces (movies). On a negative note, Pisces rules the Middle East and Uranus nuclear devices. Some terrorist groups will try to get their criminals hands on those kinds of weapons in order to impose their personal religious doctrines to the world.

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius: Neptune entered Aquarius and will reside in the futuristic sign of Aquarius until April 5th, 2011. When badly asserted, Neptune is known to be the planet of illusion. However, all planets are both positive and negative. Neptune's creative be it deceptive energy, was subconsciously used by a wave of evangelists and their bullhorns. They used the "last days" of the Apocalypse to make fortunes in deceiving the uninformed, God-fearing religious masses with their uncontrolled archaic imagination. Upon entering the futuristic sign of Aquarius (new age), Neptune (dogmas) will undergo a full spiritual restructure in the advancement of God's will through the stars. Then we will see either a new crowd of totally psychotic religious fanatics, or highly advanced spiritual lecturers roaming the world with their teachings. When Neptune, "Poseidon" enters the electronic sign of Aquarius, artists of all orders will invest in incredible imaginative resources, and produce! incredible stories. Those Neptunian (sea) and Uranian (UFOs) tales will transform into incredible movies. Again my premonition for such a development was written in your 1996 "Moon power" and took place in 1997 with the "Mars invasion" and "Titanic" and the latest "Matrix" movies busters. Both the actors and the electronic genius of movie producers in Hollywood performed the incredible works. With Neptune's imagination and the electronic sign of Aquarius since 1999 expect more incredible mixture of the future and creativity leading to a solid growth within the cinematography industry.

Religion's purpose is to induce a variation of disciplines from rituals and traditions. These are then used by governments and institutions anywhere on the planet to control people's minds and enslave them to their aims. This very act produces a multitude of religions world-wide adapting to the locations and people, literally poisoned over the centuries by a multitude of archaic teachings, values and purposes, usually induced at a very early age. Mel Gibson like millions of Americans and all people throughout the world, perhaps has been "victimized" by religious ideas, and not necessarily aware of the impact carved in the psyche since childhood. The true purpose of the government is to induce a form of discipline to the mind, body and soul as to preserve peace and respect to each other in society. By doing so, a tradition is formed for the parents to teach their children (future generations) making it easier for the government to control the masses. There is a huge differenc! e between religion and spirituality thus a smart critical soul will quickly assimilate this fact and realize the its hidden agenda behind society's teachings.

The fact is that spirituality is involved in all religions, but not all religions embrace spirituality. In my line of work that is to say, when speaking on a spiritual (Celestial) level using Astropsychology, all languages are transformed. However, with speaking in religious terms, not all spirituality can translate. Building cosmic consciousness demands anyone cast aside the induced fears suffered by the poisoned soul (going to hell!) or its ability to think independently in more critical or scientific terms. A decent educated mother should never poison the fragile psyche of her child that he or she will go to hell if a deity or a religious system is not practiced or enforced. The church authorities (it is deceiving, they are a branch of the Government/they don't pay taxes, like NASA!) know exactly what to do. By tapping on the instinct of human preservation and the accompanying fears, it is a sure way to force the jailed soul to stay within the religious institution. The s! oul is afraid to explore other ideas, even the idea that the religion may be not be supplying their true spiritual needs.

However by using UCI or Unique Celestial Identity (Astropsychology), this makes us so very aware of our differences in all aspects of human experience. We can then understand why some people are prone to religious poisoning while others (like me!) are untouched by religious contagion and fear nothing. Technically a weak 9th house of higher learning or a submissive deceiving planet such as Neptune (deception) or Saturn (fear) will certainly add to the make up of one decision to accept or reject higher information or succumb to something less intellectual demanding or detrimental such as a destructive religions. When carried to the extreme, the poisoned soul stands up to its beliefs with or suicide through terrorist acts.

More and more programs and movies are being generated because of the ultimate will of the cosmos and more and more people are forced into controversy as imposed by the Universal rules. Man's need to describe what took place in our human history in an artistic way was limited to the writer (bible) for centuries. With the advancement of technology the impact of the story and the actors will reach new heights again, not realizing the impact of both Neptune (deception/religion) and Uranus (technology/controversy) in our society. The problem is that the majority of the people are NOT aware of the subtle but real manifestation of the stars on earth and its inhabitants because of the lack of cosmic consciousness.

Ironic, isn't it? That this movie can be produced about God, yet neither the actors nor viewers can see the effect the stars have, nor why they are even producing this film at this moment in time.

On a smaller scale the planets and impact affected a pilot and his need to preach his religious poisoning conviction to his passengers on a US domestic flight!

Yes Uranus rules technology/avionics/electronics/NASA/FAA/ flying etc. while Neptune RELIGION AND DECEPTION… Recently a pilot requested to his passengers that they announce to each other if they were Christians, that they discuss Christianity. This poor lunatic pilot was like the majority of the world, entirely under the jurisdiction of Neptune (Poseidon/the Lord of deception) and his actions may cost him his career. So you can see the same energy appeared in the pilot, that controlled the suicide attack suffered on 911, by a bunch of fanatics from the Middle East in a mission to die for Allah! Thankfully it wasn't that extreme, but nevertheless the same influence.

The hope is that 'religious' prejudice will be set aside, allowing for the discussion of Universal truth or Mel Gibson's truth, not "the truth" which so many of us are conditioned to do. Maybe this movie will put preachers, rabbis, priests, and ministers out of business. Why? So commentary will not enter the making of "your truth."

"This movie could be the shift of consciousness can change in the blink of an eye." This statement was suggesting that Mel Gibson's movie could in some way, usher in what Christians describe as "the second coming or "the end of the world." There will be no "end-days," but hopefully an end to ignorance and fears bred over the centuries by religious institutions. This version is not the end of the world, but it may be "The End of The World...As We Know It."

The problem is that; because of the deity involved, it will be seen as a Christian movie. Had the Middle East or Asia the actors, financial means, and a creative wealthy Hollywood, Neptune and Uranus would also have produced an Islam or a Buddhist movie. The sad reality is, movie is far from a dream but very real and bloody for many people in parts of the world where the ultimate battle of good and evil, the past and the future, intelligence and ignorance, are still fiercely battling each other as they have for centuries. Where money and influence is, the message will be heard and imposed...and America is wealthy and very religious. The battle is taking place on so many levels, with a lunatic pilot in his plane or in the stage of the big real world. Ultimately I can see the dance of evil, manipulation, wealth, religions, ignorance and death destroying man's potential to grow spiritually outside of the deceiving grip of Neptune's powers of deception.

Like the majority of the American population Mr. Gibson is also a very pious man but possibly a "victim" of a God fearing soul and the product of his religious upbringing. Realize that America is based upon puritanical principles imported from Europe and Christianity. Did you ever think about why the dollar design involves the lettering "In God we trust'? Are you ready for the truth? That tells you also that perhaps Christianity (the Vatican) has owned this country since day one!

Have you noticed the many programs broadcast lately about the life of Jesus or the work performed by anthropologists in many parts of the world? Anything from the lives of well-established biblical figures, their cities, Noah's ark etc. is being sought after. It is simply a disguise, financed and produced by an extraordinary wealthy Christian organization hiding their religious aims behind science and research. The actors, the set up and the financial background to produce such shows on the Discovery Channel or the History Channel are enormous and can only be produced by a very wealthy corporation or the church. These are nothing other than religious shows sponsored and produced by organized religious institutions. Like a hidden cancer they have infiltrated our goverment, our institutions, our schools our lives and will continue poisoning man's psyche with archaic beliefs leading to religious differences and ultimately religious wars. How refreshing if they were to come righ! t out and tell us what their aims were.

In the words of Mel Gibson himself: "I hope it inspires introspection, and I think it does," Gibson says, "I want to inspire and make people feel." Neptune rules the cinematographic industry and imagination, deception or the very core of all religions or performing acts. Gibson is indeed a strong Neptunian which makes him a great actor, but like 99% of the rest of the world, UNAWARE of his tendencies, acting abilities and fate dictated by Neptune. A magnet will not attract a piece of wood, to be a real actor you have to be able to fool yourself and those watching you in a "make believe" act of super deception. It amazed me to see the power of any planet including Neptune's deceptive powers upon the fate and acts of Mr. Gibson and all the souls watching his movie.

The bad side of Neptune's (Poseidon in Greek mythology) job is to blur, to poison, to deceive, to cancel rationale, to induce a dream based upon a story and worse of all; to poison the world while under his jurisdiction. This phenomenon took its stronghold about 2000 years ago when a religion and its icon were born. Pain, suffering, sacrifice, manipulation is the life and story of Jesus giving it all for the ultimate love and forgiveness principles that Mel Gibson is trying so hard to express in his word and acting in this movie.

But who is to say that; whatever is taught and accepted by the majority does not necessarily mean it's the truth or even took place… And this is where it all starts and finishes as a story and that is the job of Neptune. Meantime the world is not ready to accept the facts because the world needs to grow and that what Uranus is doing, forcing an incredibly speedy growth upon the psyche of mankind.

It has been reported that it took 50 million dollars to produce this movie! Do you think Mel Gibson himself spent this money? More likely the church was behind this somewhere. Remember--the church has been in crisis with those many lawsuits against the priests who sexually abused young boys. Because of this unholy behavior, the church has been losing followers. What a better way to boost their faith and get money back from their legal suits, than to gain people's sympathy with the story of a perfect, kind soul who is beat and tortured and died for us? The deceiving power of the church (Pisces) has married the deciving power of the technology (Uranus)! It is ok to be inspired, to receive a spiritual message from this movie - just be aware of what is going on behind the scenes, and the motives that blur our minds to the truth.

Am I the only one who is not deceived? Join me in this understanding.

Predictions For The Century

Approximately every two thousand years, our planet comes under the influence of a new zodiacal sign. January twelve, 1996 marks the entrance of Uranus (the future) into his own sign of Aquarius (new age). We slowly begin to explore the possibility of a new consciousness and uncover both the strengths and dangers of this incredible upcoming age. This liberal sign follows nebulous Pisces. Over the last twenty years, Uranus (the awakener) has advocated more discoveries than have been made during the last 2000 years spent under the illusive power of Neptune (ruler of Pisces). Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and traditionally, it rules the twelfth house. This area governs restriction, sorrow, imprisonment, psychological trouble and secret enemies as well as creativity, dance, high forms of music and works of art. Enclosed and confined places such as asylums, hospitals, churches, prisons, movie theaters, concert halls and theme parks are Neptune's legacy. It is also a mute ! energy; it has no voice of its own. Submissive by nature, Neptune tends to make those born under its heavy influence pessimists and fatalists prone to addictions and fanaticism. It is a deceiving energy prone to suffering and acceptance. Nuns, evangelists, drug addicts are particularly loaded, for good or for bad, with Neptune's illusive power. Interestingly, the two thousand years that has elapsed during the rule of Pisces started around the time of the beginning of Christianity. For nearly 2000 years, the world has been largely under the influence of Judeo-Christian theology, whose first early chosen symbol was the sign of the fish. Oriental and near-Oriental minds delight in fairy stories, and they are continually spinning such beautiful myths about the lives of religious and political heroes. In the absence of printing, when most human knowledge was passed by word of mouth, from one generation to the next, the illusive power of Pisces opened the doors for myths to become! tradition and those traditions to eventually be accepted as ! fact.

Unmistakably, under the sign of Pisces, Jesus Christ suffered sorrow, imprisonment, restrictions and tortures at the hands of secret political enemies. Also, Christianity has been preaching the blind acceptance of suffering, repentance and sacrifice, if you are to proceed to the paradise of God. According to astrology, Neptune's energy (Pisces) forces the soul towards its opposite sign (Virgo) or the Virgin Mary and its purity principle. This indicates why Christians have subconsciously chosen the symbol of the fish to represent their religion and beliefs. The last 2000 years of Neptunian influence have produced over 875 different religions worldwide, and in the process, millions of people have died and still die in devastating holy wars.

It is well documented that many former civilizations simply worshiped God or gods with the stars, the moon and the sun. The Creator's Divine Manifestation throughout the Universe (Astrology) was well used and understood by the ancients. Whereas Pisces is mute and accepting, Aquarius has a voice. Aquarius rules curiosity, invention, electronics, the UFO phenomena and astrological investigation. Uranus rules the future, electronics, electricity, radio, television, airships and aeronautics. Among its metals are uranium, radium and all the other radioactive elements.

Thus, we can look upon the Aquarian age as bringing forth hope, universal love, and promoting great technological advances and vast increases in man's mental exploration. Uranus rules cosmic consciousness, psychic awareness and the genius quality of man. Uranus is also classified as the "sudden release of energy" and is responsible for nature's devastating forces such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons. Wrongly used, Uranus can be the potential destroyer of the human race through the use of atomic weaponry and as yet undiscovered powers.

We must learn to understand the true message of Aquarius and the awesome power of Uranus. We must overcome the negative forces of this planet, for that is the lesson of the age of Aquarius, to enjoy an age of great spiritual awakening. We must learn to accept the values and workings of Uranus upon our thought processes, thus creating our own amazing future reality complete with ETs and UFOs. We must create a universal brotherhood, where love, progress and responsibility become the ultimate goals. If we fail to recognize the awesome power of Uranus, the Aquarius age may be the last age man will live on this planet.

We have twelve months, 12 hours, 12 apostles. The twelve apostles are a hidden representation of the 12 gods of the zodiac. Symbols have survived to this day from very ancient times. In the Catholic church today, the staff the bishops hold is a carry-over of the staff held by the Egyptian God Osiris. The symbol of the Christian cross was taken from the Egyptian ankh which represented life and fertility. The high pointed hat worn by the Pope was derived from Osiris' tall crown. And even the traditional birthday of Jesus, celebrated on the 25th of December, is taken from the birthday of the Egyptian God, Horus.

Source: http://www.astrostar.com/articles/Passion.htm 
Reprinted with permission.

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About the Author

Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and only exercise Nostradamus' 16th-Century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, read, study, or practice. Realize that over 500 years ago the famous Prophet did not use a watch or any sophisticated computers. Thus, like the great Seer, I investigate outer space and the Universal Mind with my inborn spiritual telescope. A "microscopic attitude" will not help anyone to gain the golden key of spiritual knowledge and very often the forest is missed for the tree. This limited, exploitative attitude is for astronomers and scientist alike who have long lost their cosmic consciousness with their rigid mathematical minds. Every one of them is aware of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac; somehow it is still impossible for them to pass the limitations of their five rational senses and can not enter or perceive the archetypal real of consciousness. The soul's intuitive domain leading to cosmic consciousness is in the process of expansion and dictates the reason behind the young soul's "attitude."

To perceive the divine and decode the subtle meaning behind each symbol does take more than mere numbers. Only those blessed at birth with a superior spiritual intellectual legacy will be able to listen and speak the language of the gods and realize the hieroglyphs written in light. Combined with science, religious poisoning is also a serious part of fear or skepticism stopping the soul growing spiritually. Realize that Divine Astrology is an extremely old celestial art and a very complex science and must be practiced as such. Again, not every one of us is blessed with the "gift" needed to assimilate, understand, and translate correctly the heavenly dexterity of the Creator. That is why a section of the bible clearly mentions, "I will talk to you, but you won't hear me! I will present myself to you, but you won't see me!" God speaks to us within his own manifestation and through his Divine light only. Only those willing to expand their cosmic consciousness will be able to "perceive and receive." Be curious, be critical, keep an open mind and don't let induced religious fears stop you in gaining a new light. Simply "ask, and you shall receive" the understanding of God's celestial manifestation. For those born on the cusp of any zodiac sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity. Divine Astrology, as practiced by Nostradamus, is the original way at looking at the stars, as did the great Seer.

In all affairs involving the mind and spirit, traditionalists and scientists alike are missing the obvious. Looking down will not bring the answers they are so desperately looking for. It is above and in the Universal Mind that one will find the golden keys to what it means to be human.

Blessing to all

Dr. Turi

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