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Alan F. Alford, B Com., FCA, MBA, is an independent researcher and author, who is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on ancient mythology, mysticism and the origin of world religions. His interests also encompass ancient wisdom, archaeological anomalies, the origins of Homo sapiens, and the nature of consciousness.

Born in 1961, Alan Alford gained a degree in Commerce from the University of Birmingham in 1982, became a qualified chartered accountant in 1985, and was awarded an MBA in 1993.

Prior to becoming a full-time author, Alan Alford worked as a chartered accountant for several medium-sized PLCs in the UK, gaining experience in the construction, aerospace and water supply industries.

Alan Alford gained his chartered accountancy qualification with first-time passes in 1985. He gained his degree in Commerce from the University of Birmingham in 1982 (2:1 honours with distinction in business decision-making). His MBA was awarded by Coventry University in 1993. His GMAT score for MBA admission was 680 points, placing him in the top 4 per cent of those graduates taking the exam.

Alan Alford is married, with no children as yet, and he lives in Walsall, England.

Alan Alford has no religious or political affiliations.

Alan’s hobbies include: fitness training; meteorite-collecting; motorcycling; mountain biking; music and hi-fi; reading; skiing; travelling; and hill walking.

Alan’s aims in life are: firstly, to achieve personal spiritual enlightenment; and secondly, to lay the groundwork for an eventual unification of all the world’s religions.

In the mid-1980s, Alan Alford became intrigued by the ‘ancient astronaut’ theory of Erich von Daniken, and began to devote a significant portion of his spare time to researching the ancient past, visiting the world’s ancient sites, and pondering the eternal questions of who we are and where we come from. As at 2001, he has visited more than twenty-four countries, including Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, China and Nepal, and he has personally carried out a fifteen-year literature study on the many opposing theories which attempt to explain the riddles of mankind’s mysterious past.

7th October 2002

To All on my Mailing List (Class 1)

As many of you will know, I have been working during the last year on a new book 'Pyramid of Secrets' looking specifically at the Great Pyramid of Giza. This book was scheduled to be published in September 2002.

You can imagine my surprise when the Egyptian authorities, in partnership with the National Geographic Channel, announced the live opening of 'the Gantenbrink door' to be screened 16th-17th September 2002.

As you will probably know by now, a new robot successfully drilled a 3/4 inch hole through the 3.5 inch thick limestone door with the copper handles, and managed to insert a fibre-optic camera. Then, the light was switched on, and the world held its breath... as another 'door' was revealed.

What was found was actually a continuation of the passage, blocked by another stone (no copper handles on this one), to form an empty cavity about 8 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches. The significance lies not in the cavity, of course, but in the continuation of the passage and what lies beyond the new door (or, more accurately, 'stone plug').

The media reaction to the discovery has been disappointing. It has been widely dismissed as an anti-climax - a non-discovery. Some Egyptologists have criticised Zahi Hawass for commercialising archaeology and have even used the 'non-discovery' in an attempt to discredit the theories of alternative researchers. For example, Aidan Dodson, an archaeologist at Bristol University, England, told the London newspaper The Daily Telegraph, 18th September:

³The tunnel is a disused shaft. Most people expected this. This whole thing was blown out of all proportion by the lunatic fringe of alleged archaeologists and pseudo-scientists. These people have written best-selling books saying the Pyramid holds links to Atlantis behind this door, and that archaeologists have deliberately refused to examine this shaft because it shows civilisation was 10,000 years older than originally thought. It wouldn¹t surprise me if Dr Hawass did this just to put these people down once and for all.²

On 21st September I gave a talk at the 21st annual UFO Magazine Conference at Leeds, England, in an attempt to correct some of the misconceptions about the new discovery (I had originally been scheduled to speak about another subject entirely, so the timing was a happy coincidence!). I told the audience there - as I am telling all of you now - that this discovery is highly significant.

Firstly, note that the shaft is *not* terminated by 'the Gantenbrink door', as Aidan Dodson might like to think it is. In fact, the shaft is quite clearly continued. This is highly significant.

Secondly, the shaft is plugged by a stone block. As I explained to the UFO Magazine audience at Leeds, there is a clear precedent for this plugging of passages in the Great Pyramid's Ascending Passage, the bottom of which was originally plugged by three granite stones. When the mouth of the passage was opened in antiquity to reveal the lowest of those three stones blocking the passage, the discoverer could not have imagined that the stone plug indicated the gateway to an undreamed of system of passages and chambers above, i.e. the whole upper system of the Great Pyramid. Bearing this precedent in mind, I will be very excited indeed if the stone plug behind 'the Gantenbrink door' turns out to be made of granite. And I will be even more excited if it turns out that there are three plugs, installed one behind the other. Of course, I may be wrong, there may be only one plug, and it may be limestone as Gantenbrink thinks it is. But anyway, just in case I'm right, you read it here first!

Thirdly, as I argue in my new book 'Pyramid of Secrets', there is a pattern of concealment running throughout the Great Pyramid from top to bottom, and the shafts of the Queen's Chamber, with their concealed mouths (opened by Waynman Dixon in 1872) fit this pattern perfectly. The orthodox theory of the Great Pyramid being a tomb, and the Queen's Chamber shafts being ventilation shafts, or soul-shafts, or star-shafts or serdab-shafts, cannot explain the fact that these channels were sealed off at the time of construction.

At the Leeds conference 21st September, I urged exploration of the Queen's Chamber's *northern* shaft, in which Gantenbrink's robot had been thwarted by metal rods stuck in the passage. I predicted that future exploration of this shaft would reveal a second 'Gantenbrink door' with copper handles. I made this prediction live on camera (there are video recordings) and I had also put it in writing several weeks earlier in an article for a London newspaper. Two days later, 23rd September, the Egyptian authorities announced that just such a discovery had been made!!! I made the prediction with confidence because I know what these copper-handled doors are! I will explain it all in my new book.

But the more imporant thing is what lies beyond the doors in these two shafts. The mystery continues... But I have a very good idea of what is going to be found in the end... because I have a very good idea about *why* the Great Pyramid was built. It is this "why" question that is the focal point of my investigation in 'Pyramid of Secrets'.

Anyway, the purpose of this brief email, apart from bringing some of you up to date with happenings at Giza, is to let you know that my book, obviously, is going to be delayed so that I can fully incorporate the new findings about the shafts.

The revised publication date, taking allowance of the fact that it was running late anyway, is now February 2003. Sorry about that, but I can assure you it will be worth waiting for!

I can also inform you that I have stripped out from 'Pyramid of Secrets' much of the material on ancient Egyptian religion and mythology, which I will be publishing as a 'companion volume' in October 2003. As you will see in February, the proper decoding of Egyptian religion is the key to the understanding of the Great Pyramid, hence the need for the detailed 'companion volume'.

Please forgive me for keeping you on tenterhooks. All will be revealed shortly!

* Please forward a copy of this email to anyone whom you think might be interested. *

Love and enlightenment,

Alan Alford



The Architecture of the Great Pyramid Reconsidered
(US)  |  UK

Publication Date: 5th May 2003

"The foremost of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid is unique among Egyptian pyramids in its precision and complex interior design. What does this astonishing structure signify? Why was it built? Numerous fantastic theories have sought to answer these questions, but all have ultimately collapsed like waves upon the firm shore of common sense. And yet doubts still persist about the official view that the Pyramid is Œa tomb and nothing but a tomb¹.In this ground-breaking book, Alan F. Alford generates from first principles an elegant new theory that has fundamental implications for future exploration of this enigmatic monument. Tomb; repository/time capsule; memorial to the creation of the Universe; broadcaster of low frequency sound. Here, at last, is a plausible antidote to the questionable theories of mainstream and alternative writers."

The Atlantis Secret (US) | UK

(2001) In this book you will find a complete decoding not only of Plato’s lost continent of Atlantis but also of the entirety of Greek myths, mysteries and mysticism – all decoded in the light of Alan Alford’s exploded planet hypothesis. ‘The Atlantis Secret’ has been acclaimed as ‘a striking new hypothesis’ by Professor Christopher Gill, an expert on Plato and Atlantis, who has contributed a Foreword to the book.

When the Gods Came Down (UK only)

(2000) In a masterly study of the origins of modern religion. Alford argues that the religions of ancient Egypt and Sumer were exploded planet cults, and he offers an extraordinary decoding of the myths of the Flood and the creation of man. He then demonstrates that Judaism and Christianity are occulted forms of the same idea. We worship an exploded planet but we don’t even realise it.

The Phoenix Solution (US)  | UK

(1998) A ‘must read’ for Egyptophiles and effectively two books in one. Whilst the early chapters focus on the age of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, and Alford’s controversial ‘adopted pyramids’ theory, the second part involves a comprehensive decoding of the Pyramid Texts, revealing that ancient Egyptian religion was an exploded planet cult, with intriguing similarities to the modern astronomical theory of Dr Tom Van Flandern.

Gods of the New Millennium (US) |  UK

(1996) Alford’s first book explores the controversial idea that the gods of ancient mythology were a flesh-and-blood race (based on the theory of Zecharia Sitchin). Although much of the argument has since been retracted, the book nevertheless remains attractive for its coverage of a vast array of ancient mysteries, and its wonderful photographs. Our limited print deluxe edition has also become something of a collector’s item.

In 1996, Alan Alford self-published his first book ‘Gods of the New Millennium’, in support of the theory of ‘ancient astronaut’ visitation, and began to sell it worldwide via the Internet. Within a few months, the title was acquired by Hodder and Stoughton, who relaunched it in 1997, at which time it became a number eleven bestseller in the UK (it has subsequently been translated into nine languages).

Since turning full-time researcher in 1996, Alan Alford has published three further books.

In 1998, Alan Alford’s second book ‘The Phoenix Solution’ was published by Hodder and Stoughton. In this book, Alan focused his attention on the mysteries of ancient Egypt and made the historic discovery that the Egyptian religion had been an ‘exploded planet cult’. This remarkable discovery – supported by the eminent historian Michael Rice who wrote the Foreword to the book – has shaped all of Alan’s subsequent work, and caused him to retract a key portion of the ancient astronaut ‘evidence’ which he cited in his first book.

In April 2000, Alan Alford’s third book ‘When The Gods Came Down’ was published by Hodder and Stoughton. In this book, Alan built upon his theory of ancient Egyptian religion to reveal that ancient Mesopotamian religion, too, was an exploded planet cult, and that Judaism and Christianity were – and still are – occulted forms of the same idea. Controversially, he argued that the crucifixion of Christ symbolised the death and resurrection of the exploded planet, which had supposedly occurred at the beginning of time. ‘When The Gods Came Down’ is widely recognised as one of the boldest and most original books ever written on the subject of religion.

In October 2001, Alan Alford self-published his fourth book ‘The Atlantis Secret’, and began to sell it worldwide to a more limited and discerning readership. In this book, Alan demonstrated that the Greek religion was an exploded planet cult, and that Plato had encoded the secret of the exploded planet into his Theory of Forms, into his account of the creation of the Universe by the Demiourgos, and into his story of the war between Ancient Athens and Atlantis. Taking his lead from Plato, Alan brought out for the first time the highly spiritual nature of the exploded planet idea. Quite remarkably, Alan won support for his exploded planet theory of Atlantis from none other than Professor Christopher Gill of Exeter University in England – one of the world’s leading experts on Plato and the Atlantis story – who penned a Foreword to the book.

Alan is currently working on a fifth book ‘Pyramid of Secrets’, again to be self-published, in which he will unveil a historic breakthrough as regards the meaning and purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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