Moon Landings: Did NASA Lie?
Photographic Analysis Leads Author to Ask, Did NASA Lie?

Moon Landings: Did NASA Lie? is a personal journey, one in which the author encourages each individual to arrive at his or her own conclusions. After spotting discrepancies in official photos of our lunar expeditions, technologist Philippe Lheureux began what seemed like an innocent study of NASA’s public reports.

Moon Landings is the result of his findings, a critical analysis of the photographs of the Apollo missions from NASA’s official website. It is destined to ignite strong reactions from scientists, patriots, the international media and ultimately the reader.

In a riveting in-depth investigation, Lheureux was astonished to find that his countless contacts managed to agree on only one point – that anomalies exist in the photographs NASA released to the press. Perhaps what is more astounding was why such inconsistencies were never publicly called into question -– not by scientists, journalists, or even our former-rival, the Russians.

One by one, Moon Landings: Did NASA Lie? outlines the specific aberrations in the well-documented photographs and explains how and why the equations simply don’t add up. However, the author makes a compelling point of not attaching himself to any one theory as to why. Instead, he identifies several interpretations that have been proposed as a means of arriving at the truth.

Throughout the book, Lheureux stresses that it is not his goal to criticize NASA. In fact, he commends NASA for enabling the exploration of space and therefore, igniting the imagination and encouraging our right to dream. In the final analysis, though, he believes that the photographs appear enhanced and potentially altered in some way.

So what if NASA’s photos of the moon landings were staged? Lheureux can’t answer that question -– and chooses not to. In fact, he maintains that it is far easier to raise questions than to find answers. This is the premise of Moon Landings.

Moon Landings: Did NASA Lie?
by Philippe Lheureux

Paperback/216 pages/illus.


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