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We live in a questioning and critical age when the religious and scientific dogmas of the past are increasingly being challenged. The idea, for example, of a personal, anthropomorphic God, a sort of magnified image of ourselves, a God who created the universe and ourselves from nothing, who listens to prayers, grants favours, forgives sins, and eventually consigns us to heaven or hell -- such a God finds fewer and fewer believers. At the same time, the idea of a soulless, mechanical universe governed by nothing but chance is not very compelling either. Many people are seeking a deeper and more meaningful vision of life.  --- David Pratt

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Guest Writers

Alan Alford

Alan Alford is an independent researcher and author, who is increasingly being recognised as the world’s leading authority on ancient mythology, mysticism and the esoteric meaning of ancient and modern religions. His interests also encompass ancient wisdom, archaeological anomalies, the origins of Homo sapiens, and the nature of consciousness.

Since the mid-1980s, Alan Alford has been on a quest for the truth of human existence, seeking answers to the eternal questions of who we are and where we come from. Inspired, in the first instance, by the controversial theories of Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, Alford has focused his research on the enigmatic ‘gods’ of ancient mythology, pursuing his quest with one single-minded objective – to decode the secrets of the gods and thereby understand who or what these gods actually were.

One of the most notable features of Alan Alford’s quest has been his willingness to challenge his own preconceptions, as well as those of others. In 1998, he stunned readers of his first book ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ by issuing a retraction of his ‘flesh and blood gods’ theory in his sequel ‘The Phoenix Solution’, in which he argued that the Egyptian gods personified the cataclysmic powers of creation. Alford’s arguments were indeed so powerful that Zecharia Sitchin, the world’s leading ancient astronaut theorist, threatened him with a 50 million dollar lawsuit on the grounds that his comments discredited his (Sitchin’s) theories and destroyed his reputation.

Articles by Alan Alford:

Official Website: http://www.eridu.co.uk 

Fabio de Araujo

International researcher, historian and author Fabio de Araujo has traveled the world to gather information on prophecies found in rare books and manuscripts collected mainly from European libraries in different countries. He has visited libraries in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, and other countries, including books and manuscripts in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Old French, Old Italian, Old English, Old Portuguese and Old Spanish. The author has also given many radio interviews in radios in the US and Canada. 

Articles by the author:
Article by Fabio de Araujo >>

Books by the author: 

Official Website: www.fabio.info

Robert Bruce Baird

Mr. Baird is a regular columnist at ES Press Magazine and hopes to make people aware of all that humanity can be, through many outreaches and courses in the coming years. We are proud to say we were the one of the first to really support his efforts. We hope you support all that we try to provide for you from all the various authors we bring to you; who see the world is not as certain or black and white as some have lead us to believe.

BOOKS BY ROBERT BAIRD:  Books by Robert Baird

Anthony Bright-Paul 

Articles by the Author: 

Books by the Author:

Anthony Bright-Paul has rendered real service in updating and reissuing his book, "My Stairway to Subud," first published in 1965. "Stairway" brings vividly to life the author's personal journey through the Vedanta and the Gurdjieff "Work," a path that in 1957 finally led him to embrace Subud, a spiritual movement then newly arrived in the West. Anthony Bright-Paul, still only in his twenties at the time, had already studied the Gurdjieff system for some half dozen years under the direction of J.G. Bennett, and was unaware that earlier that year his mentor had secretly received a direct contact with the latihan kejiwaan (training of the soul) from Hussein Rofe, himself a pupil of the Indonesian Master, Pak Subuh, soon to be widely known around the world simply as "Bapak."  Typical of the honesty which Anthony brings to his book is his acknowledgement of the scepticism and resistance with which he first responded to the proposed transition from the Gurdjieff Work to the apparent simplicity and ease of the surrender to the Will of God, advocated by Muhammad Subuh. All his doubts were in due course swept away by his experience of "the great force which rained down in and around me," which left him "feeling elated yet detached and deliriously happy."

Kyle Bennett

Kyle Bennett is an independent researcher, with BSc in Geography and MSc in Real Estate Management. He works as a journalist by profession, specializing in commercial property and economics. He lives in London.

Articles by the Author: 

Books by the Author:

"Polar Wandering and the Cycle of Ages"

coming in July 2011

“Without in the slightest degree undervaluing other causes which may lead to climatal changes, I think that possibly we may have here a vera causa such as would account for extreme variations from a Tropical to an Arctic temperature at the same spot, in a simpler and more satisfactory manner than any other hypothesis.”

And it is now known – as modern exploration has discovered – that the Arctic flipped between a glacial and almost tropical climate a number of times during the Eocene, as well as later on. So what does that suggest?? Evans was even more confident that his theory was correct when discussing the remains of tropical plants found in the Arctic:

“The former existence of cold in what are now warm latitudes might, and probably did in part, arise from other causes than a change in the axis of rotation, but no other hypothesis can well account for the existence of traces of an almost tropical vegetation within the Arctic circle…

…they seem to afford conclusive evidence of a change in the position of the pole since the period at which they grew, as such vegetation must be considered impossible in so high a latitude”.

This is the conclusion that Hapgood came to, and which I confirm in my upcoming book, Polar Wandering and the Cycle of Ages, where I look at how modern research has more than supported the hypothesis of rapid polar wandering (should be available to buy from July 2011 - please visit my blog for details).

Author's Website:

Ron O. Cook

He is a former university administrator, communications consultant, journalist, graphic designer, and award-winning illustrator.

Ron O. Cook has done hundreds if not thousands of paintings since he was a youth. He has painted almost every theme that the great masters ever tried and has taught such techniques to many of his students. His works are hung and published all over the United States, and that is just a tiny slice of his talents. He is an Advertising, Marketing and Communications Consultant to large concerns.

Cook, who signs his drawings and paintings as "Von Koch" after his ancestors, has created computer graphics, virtual realities, paintings, illustrations, drawings and portraits over a period of many years. His patrons are governors, congressmen, CEOs and many, many good friends. His first commission was 32 major paintings in 1966 for a Houston Promoter. The non-objective paintings ranged from 5 X 12 feet to 3 X 6 feet in size. Thereafter, Cook's agent, J. Tom Martin (Houston Architect), helped place hundreds of paintings, drawings and prints in the surrounding Houston area for almost ten years.

Cook prides himself as a painter who can accomplish any and all techniques of applying media to a surface. He has painted numerous realistic portraits, non-objective abstracts, and graphic surrealistic representations all in the same studio setting--switching from one work to the other in seconds. Much of his recent work has involved utilization of computers to develop his visual concepts. He has done much of this with some of his e-books (The Enigmni), which are illustrated and many are in the process of becoming movie storyboards for future development. Cook has been a columnist, journalist, educator, and consultant. In general, he is a deep thinker searching everything for answers to the “heavy” questions hidden in Time/Space. R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, Einstein and Manly P. Hall are his favorite thinkers.

Today, he is moving toward new thoughts that relate to the very fabric of our existence. His new series of written and graphic works will stress the realms of meditation expressed visually and verbally. “Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is” — is the Creed and Crux of his life.
Other than the above, Cook loves his wife and family and enjoys the experience of awe in just being here.

Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr

Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in general science, and an airborne, ranger infantry veteran of the Viet Nam War.
He is the author of Athena and Eden: The Hidden Meaning of the Parthenon's East Facade (May 7, 2002), and Athena and Kain: The True Meaning of Greek Myth (July 2003).
Johnson is currently at work on a book and film documentary called The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble, which will include computer-generated reconstructions of the sculptures of Athena’s famous temple. He is also the vice-president of Solving Light Books in Annapolis, Maryland.


David Pratt

Articles by David Pratt:

Visit David Pratt's Homepage: Exploring Theosophy
The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy

 What is theosophy?  |  Theosophical quotations  |  Studies in theosophy  |  Theosophical history  |  Occult fiction  |  The spiritual path    Death and rebirth  |  The paranormal  |  Religion  |  Ancient civilizations  |  Life science  |  Earth science  |  Astronomy and cosmology    General science and philosophy  

Ralph Ellis

Ralph Ellis is a an airline captain with a distinctly lateral, open-minded view on history and religion. He has written five books so far, which purport to explain every last facet of man's history. Under this new concept, the pyramids of Egypt become the central cathedral complex of the early Israelites, who were, in fact, the Hyksos Shepherd Kings of Lower Egypt. 

Articles contributed by Ralph Ellis:

John Neal

John Neal is the author of "All Done with Mirrors", the book written in his sixtieth year as the result of his pure interest in history and archaeology.

Ancient buildings, monuments, standing stones and earthworks have always exerted a solemn fascination upon him and he was ever aware that they embodied something communicable within their mystery. 
This communication was finally established through an understanding of the units of measurement that were enshrined in their proportions, they speak in numbers. The architects speak to us across the ages through this forgotten language, as clearly as though their voices were heard in their antique tongue. 

Although the final solution proved to be utterly simple, the convoluted paths which had to be followed towards the resolution of the enigmas of metrology, defy description. Countless hours of calculation and comparisons over a period of some thirty years, finally yielded a priceless pearl that becomes brighter the more it is contemplated and handled. If the reader does not appreciate this, it is entirely due to the inexperience and the presentation of the author. I recommend that those who have difficulties with numbers resolve them and read on until they do understand.

The following articles were contributed by John Neal:

Richard Leviton

Richard Leviton, the author of many books, including, The Emerald Modem: A User's Guide to the Earth's Interactive Energy Body, (Hampton Roads, 2004),  The Galaxy on Earth: A Traveler's Guide to the Planet's Visionary Geography (Hampton Roads, 2002), and What's Beyond That Star. A Chronicle of Geomythic Adventure (Clairview Books, 2002), regularly conducts workshops and field trips on the subject of myth, sacred sites, and landscape spirituality. He is also establishing a "cosmic mysteries think tank" in Santa Fe, New Mexico to offer seminars and training, and to conduct research in these topics. 
His newest books, Signs on the Earth and Encyclopedia of Earth Myths: An Insider’s Guide to Mythic People, Places, Objects, and Events Central to the Earth’s Visionary Geography, will be published in 2005 (find more about these two books here>> ). To contact: blaise@cybermesa.com, or care of Hampton Roads Publishing Co., 1125 Stoney Ridge Road, Charlottesville, VA, 22902.

The following articles were contributed by Richard Leviton:

Check out the books by Richard Leviton available on Amazon.com

Will Hart

Will Hart is a freelance journalist, book author, nature photographer and documentary filmmaker. He lives and does much of his research in the Lake Tahoe area in the USA, and writes a column titled "The Tahoe Naturalist" for a regional publication. He has produced and directed films about wolves and wild horses.  

The following articles were contributed by Will Hart:

Will Hart may be contacted by e-mail: Cwillwrite1@hotmail.com
Visit his web site: www.genesisrace.com 

David Millo

The following articles were contributed by David Millo:

David Millo may be contacted by e-mail: David Millo

Gary A. David

Gary A. David is an independent researcher and writer living in rural Arizona. He is currently finishing a nonfiction book entitled The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest, which discusses an Orion correlation of Hopi villages and Anasazi ruins in the Four Corners region of the US. Mr. David is the author of a number of poetry books, including Tierra Zia (Poems and Petroglyphs of New Mexico), Nine Muses Books, Seattle, 1996; and A Log of Deadwood: A Postmodern Epic of the South Dakota Gold Rush, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 1993. He is also a college instructor, a web designer, and a professional guitarist and singer.

Articles contributed by Gary A. David:

You may contact Gary David by E-mail: islandhillsbooks@msn.com

Anthony Paul Perella

Anthony Paul Perella, author of the Metaparticle Theory concerning the origin and structure of matter, strikes one as taking physics and metaphysics seriously, but not so much himself. After 25 years developing the metaparticle worldview he says he can't decide between calling himself a "metaphysicist" and thereby affronting fifty thousand scientists, or a "metaphysician" and upsetting his doctor. He refrains from either in presenting here a specially written digest, math-free and diagrammed, emphasizing perennial mysteries of particle physics solved scientifically by evidence employing metaparticles. Someday, the author predicts, the absolute origin of such principles may come to be seen as both inevitable and highly rewarding to science. (See Section on Background of Theory and Author.) 

Articles by Anthony Paul Perella:

You may contact Anthony Paul Perella by e-mail at mail@metaparticles.com 

Crichton E.M. Miller

Crichton E M Miller was born in Scotland in 1949 and has pursued a career both in the military and business. He is a qualified navigator and inventor with a life long interest in ancient history and religions.
His work has been published in several magazines and periodicals.
He is also published in many world wide websites and has been interviewed on television and radio about his discoveries.

Articles by Crichton Miller:

 To read more of Crichton's work visit www.crichtonmiller.com 

William L. Saylor

After a military tour at the Walter Reed Institute of Research William Saylor joined the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he developed software for medical imaging applications. He holds an MS in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School. His hobby is the study of ancient mysteries.

Articles by William L. Saylor:

You may contact William by e-mail: William L. Saylor

Andrew Bourmistroff

Andrew was born on February 18 , 1961 in Moscow, Russia.
He studied physical and chemical engineering from 1978 to 1984 at the D. I. Mendeleyev university in Moscow and worked on his degree at the Veszprem university in Hungary in 1983-1984.
In 1984 he started to work in a microelectronics company specialised in vacuum technology and thin-solid films magnetron bombardment using machinery from "Balzers AG", Liechtenstein, and "Leybold-Heraeus Gmbh", Germany.
In 1995 , he started to work for a automation service firm (servicing controllers and temperature & humidity sensors for air-conditioners supplied by "Honeywell Inc" , USA).
Since his early years he had a few serious hobbies: history, astronomy, and geography. In history his main interest is in Medieval Europe ( France , Scotland , England , Spain , Germany and Hungary ). 
He also has an avid interest in ancient Egypt and biblical Israel. In astronomy his main interest is the solar system.  

Articles by Andrew Bourmistroff:

Personal website of Andrew Bourmistroff is: The True Past of the Earth and Mankind. You may contact Andrew by e-mail: regarius@mtu-net.ru

Colin Low

Colin Low was born in Scotland in 1951 and attended 14 schools in Scotland, Nyasaland and Australia. In spite of this erratic education he studied physics at the University of Western Australia and graduated with first class honours in 1972. He went on to study star formation at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, UK. His entire professional life has revolved around computers, with four years as a consultant, 9 years as a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of London, and 13 years as an industrial researcher with Hewlett Packard. He has authored several academic papers and is named as inventor on 27 patents.

Articles by Colin Low:

You can visit his web site at: 
http://digital-brilliance.com/kab/index.htm (an external link).

Graeme R. Kearsley 

Graeme R. Kearsley is an architect who has maintained a life-long interest in archaeology. He was born in New South Wales in Australia and began his architectural training at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. After five years he traveled to the U.K. and after some years recommenced his architectural studies at Thames Polytechnic (Greenwich University) where he graduated in 1977 with first class honors.

Articles by Graeme R. Kearsley:

Michael Levy

Michael Levy is a frequent speaker on radio, television (just a few examples UK; BBC, ITV4..USA; NBC, C-Span, ABC, Howard Stern Show) and he is now a host on Voice America.com radio. He also holds frequent seminars sharing and discusses his views about the purpose of life, finding the peace and enjoyment that lead to a healthy, stress-free life.

Jennis Strickland

The Open Cheops Committee was founded in 1997 to present and make public the case for the re-opening of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. We assert that the Great Pyramids were not built as tombs; that the entrance to Cheops lies outside the structure; that interior ramps were used in its construction; and that there are dozens, if not hundreds of un-opened halls, corridors, chambers, and rooms within the structure.

Related articles:

Dr. Turi

Born and raised in Provence, France, Dr. Turi rekindled and only exercises Nostradamus' 16th-Century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, read, study, or practice. Realize that over 500 years ago the famous Prophet did not use a watch or any sophisticated computers. Thus, like the great Seer, he investigates outer space and the Universal Mind with his inborn spiritual telescope.

Related articles:

Gary Novak

Biologist and Moral Philosopher
MS: Microbiology, 1970.

Ice age cycles explain climate changes when viewed from a model of oceans heating due to hot spots in the earth's core.
Humans cannot create global warming. Only 0.04% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide; and oceans regulate it to the most minute degree. Hot spots in the earth's core are heating the oceans and causing global warming.

Read these articles by Gary Novak:

Carl Johan Calleman

Carl Johan Calleman is the author of The Mayan Calendar
(Garev, 2001) and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004).
His web page is www.calleman.com

Read these articles (on our website) by Carl Johan Calleman:

Robert Berringer

Robert Berringer is a retired Nuclear Engineer with a Theology Degree from Harvard University. He finds the New Age and Intelligent Design theories to be stimulating and insightful. Learn more about the author and his book “Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries: Will They Return in 2012 AD?” at www.CloudriderBooks.net 

Read these articles (on our website) by Robert Berringer:

Rich Anders

Rich Anders was borne and raised in Austria. He attended Rollins College in Florida and graduated from the University of Vienna. Rich Anders spent 15 years in various executive positions. Then he visited the Virgin Islands and stayed. The Caribbean proved to be the right setting for writing his books*. 

The following articles were contributed by Rich Andres:

* Other Books and eBooks by Rich Anders (available from our site)

Rich Anders may be contacted at: RichAnders@msn.com

Doug Yurchey

Doug Yurchey is a writer, artist and inventor. He has studied ancient mysteries for 30 years and was married to a trans-channel. He has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University and California State at Northridge. For two years a background artist with the Simpsons TV Show, he now promotes his unique theories:  A Message from Doug Yurchey 

The following articles were contributed by Doug Yurchey:

A Message from Doug Yurchey

Doug Yurchey can be contacted:

Doug Yurchey
18615 Bryant Street
Northridge, CA. 91324

Stephanie Petsche

Stephanie Petsche is an entry-level professional, as well as an avid reader and writer. She is a recent graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington where she studied Anthropology and History, with a concentration in writing.

Currently, her career goal is to obtain a position as an assistant or as a writer in the entertainment, museum, or publishing industries. Her dream is to relocate to The Greatest City in the World- New York, New York.

Stephanie's love for books and writing, combined with her Bachelor's Degree in General Studies would make her a unique candidate for any number of entry-level jobs.

Stephanie completed a prestigious internship at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis in August 2010 in the Interpretation Department as a program assistant--She was chosen as one of the top 2 interns to receive scholarships for her superb quality of work.

Interesting Facts & Favorites

  • Location: Indiana.

  • Sports Teams: Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame Football, Indiana University teams.

  • TV Shows: LOST, Arrested Development, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, Glee.

  • Books: Harry Potter Series, Outlander Series, Cookbooks, all Shakespeare.

The following articles were contributed by Stephanie Petsche:




Hidden History Cover
Hidden History: 
Lost Civilizations, 
Secret Knowledge 
and Ancient Mysteries

Hidden History: 
Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge and Ancient Mysteries

The mysterious architecture and artifacts, and the enigmatic characters from ancient history are the special focus of renowned European archaeologist, Brian Haughton. 



His new book, Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge and Ancient Mysteries, quenches our thirst for insight into ancient times.  

Read an article by Brian Haughton >>

Serpent in the Sky
Serpent in the Sky
John Anthony West
In Search of the Cradle of Civilisation
In Search of the Cradle of Civilisation
Feuerstein, Kak & Frawley
Awakening Osiris
Awakening Osiris  
Normandi Ellis

Technology of the Gods
David Hatcher Childress
The Orion Mystery
The Orion Mystery

Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert  
The Secret of the Incas
The Secret of the Incas
William Sullivan
The Secret of the Incas
The Yahweh Encounters: 
Bible Astronauts, 
Ark Radiations 
and Temple Electronics

Ann Madden Jones

The Destruction of Atlantis: 
Compelling Evidence of 
the Sudden Fall of the First Great Civilization

Frank Joseph, Zecharia Sitchin  

Children of Ezekiel: 
Aliens, Ufos, the Crisis of Race,
and the Advent 
of End Time

Michael Lieb
Secrets of the Great Pyramid
Secrets of the Great Pyramid

Peter Tompkins  

Vedic Physics

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ph.D.
Maya Cosmogenesis 2012
Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

John Major Jenkins  

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