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Articles by Ralph Ellis

Reprinted with permission. Copyright Ralph Ellis Dec 2002

Note: The above articles were written by Ralph Ellis*

* Tunnel Vision was written by Ralph Ellis and Mark Foster

Reprinted with permission. Copyright Ralph Ellis Dec 2002

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BOOKS by Ralph Ellis

Thoth, Architect of the Universe
By Ralph Ellis

UK ISBN 0-9531913-5-4 
Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs
By Ralph Ellis

UK ISBN 0-9531913-7-0 

Solomon Falcon of Sheba: The Tomb and Image of the Queen of Sheba Discovered  13 March, 2003
by Ralph Ellis

UK ISBN: 0953191346

Tempest & Exodus
By Ralph Ellis

UK ISBN 0-9531913-8-9 


K2, Quest of the Gods  October 2001
By Ralph Ellis

UK ISBN 0-9531913-6-2 


About the Author

Ralph Ellis is a an airline captain with a distinctly lateral, open-minded view on history and religion. 
He has written five books so far, which purport to explain every last facet of man's history. Under this new concept, the pyramids of Egypt become the central cathedral complex of the early Israelites, 
who were, in fact, the Hyksos Shepherd Kings of Lower Egypt. 

You can visit his web site at: (an external link).


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