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The Edge
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Interview Date: Saturday, September 18, 2004

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Questions related to Robert's new book
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Radio Host: Jack Landman
Interview Date: Saturday, July 17, 2004
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Radio Host: Jack Landman
Interview Date: Saturday, September 18, 2004
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Robert Bruce Baird
"The Collective Works"

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History is a web of journalistic intrigue written to benefit those who have been in charge. They won the wars they generated through their NEEDS, and usurped the knowledge of sincere adepts, like Jesus and Buddha. There is no real new insight in this perspective but in this book you will start the process of seeing for yourself just how incredible the gamesmanship or forgery has been. Lactantius was the tutor for the house of Constantine who edited the Bible and designed much of what Christianity has become. This ancient sage was an early promoter of the Flat Earth and he noted there ‘will always be those who will lie and forge for religion’.

It is my hope that you can assist the enlightenment that must occur once you see some of the forensic and archaeological information now available. Perhaps more importantly I hope you will find roots to all religion which must develop tolerance and ecumenicism if we are to endure as a species on this planet hurtling ever faster through the unlimited creative and awesome universe we are blessed with.

Some academics decry the Post-Modern era where the knowledge is available for all to make their own judgment about. I have no definite opinion about most things and I hope we all can strive to find the answers together. I look forward to seeing these academics tear apart what I have done as I present information hidden or not employed in any other book. I await the inevitable outcry; but I am sure there are reasons why the great sage Lao Tzu went to see the Ancient Masters of the Tarim Basin where the Red-Heads developed most of the technology and other social systems that we are now finding spread around the world. My speculations that seek to integrate various facts of sciences are not the final answer and I look forward to the reader assisting me in helping bring the ‘Brotherhood’ back to the forefront of life on Earth.

Ancient Navigation

by Robert Baird



DR. SENTIEL ROMMEL: - As part of the research team that sought to know how
advanced the ancient navigational equipment and computers or astrolabes were, this man deserves credit he has not received; although it might be that credit would come in the form of ridicule such as was directed at Barraclough Fell. Here is an excerpt from The Epigraphic Society Occasional Publication no. 20 on pages 2-3 which makes mention of his assistance in these regards that prove Maui was not the only possessor of a Torquetum or Tanawa in pre-Christian times.

"Navigation equipment depicted in the Irian Caves From Commander F. E. Bassett, USN, Chairman, Navigation Department, United States Naval Academy (Annapolis):

22 November 1974
'Your letter concerning the West Irian cave discoveries was received with
great interest. The following comments are offered concerning the sketches.
They are only educated guesses based on the collective knowledge of
navigation department personnel of celestial navigation (we have no experts
on navigation prior to the European "Age of Discoveries". But we do have a
number of texts that may point you in the correct direction in your search
for a leading authority).'

a. no apparent significance.

b. Agreement. It would seem that the light ray is the only logical explanation. (Note by editor: this refers to the first figure in the series of diagrams published in Occ. Pub. No. 18. The sketch was submitted to the Naval authorities before the associated hieroglyphic text was identified and deciphered. The deciphered caption proved to read 'ray from the sun'.).

c. The drawing appears to resemble an explanatory diagram discussing the theory of parallel light rays from outer space. The theory assumes that the celestial bodies are at an infinite distance from the earth. (Note by editor: this refers to the second figure in Occ. Pub. No. 18. Here again Commander Bassett's interpretation is in excellent agreement with the hieroglyphic text subsequently deciphered.)

d. It is speculated that figure d is a diagram illustrating that one body would be observed at different altitudes from different positions of observers. (Note by editor: This refers to the third diagram in Occ. Pub.
No. 18 for which no related text has been so far identified. Commander Bassett's suggestion seems to be a very reasonable and appropriate explanation of the diagram.)

'Group 3. Items shown as anchors appear definitely to be anchors. Item A
might perhaps be a grapnel hook. Items B and C could possibly be altitude
measuring devices which use a plumb bob to establish the vertical. The
circular portion may be inscribed with angular scale. {The Masonic T- square
has this concept and may symbolize their ancient trading secret that enabled
them to go to where they wanted and continue to trade for cocaine, emeralds
and gold without much competition for many millennia. I will cover this in
greater detail shortly.} (Note by editor: these items are still under study
at Harvard where there is agreement with these comments; one item depicted
is apparently an early form of Torquetum, an analog computer employing a
plumb bob and circular scales, used in the study of planetary motion along
the elliptic. Dr. Sentiel Rommel is developing a replica.)...

Item E best resembles illustrations of early astrolabes. (Note by the
Editor: the hieroglyphic text accompanying this figure is believed to read
'Number reckoner of the Delta astronomer'; and Harvard scientists developed
a wood model based on the sketch, calibrated to give time by night, the
position of the zodiacal constellations at all hours for all days of the
year, the daily correction of correction of cross staff zenith angle to
yield latitude, and the daily position of the sun on the ecliptic. This
model will be published after further study by Dr. Sentiel Rommel.)."

The mention of Delta intrigues me. I know the Great Pyramid produces Delta
wave form energy and I believe most astrolabes were in tune with the cosmic
and earth energy. The one found in Wisconsin dates to the same era or
earlier than the Antikythera, based on metallurgical analysis. There are two
perfect tetrahedra in the Great Pyramid and the energy flowing around and
over (or through) it causes changing effects which may be discernable in
other key locations on the Earth Energy Grid where many have shown the same
harmonic vibration does exist. The Mayan people built their city centers on
these key points. Masons build stele in the middle of existing roads in the
Nova Scotia Grid tied in with Oak Island. I think we can imagine these
technologies may account for the two sidereal charts of the heavens (along
with recently discovered lenses in various parts of the world) inside the
Great Pyramid. That means there was this kind of technology around
approximately 80,000 years ago.

That brings us to the T-Square which figures so prominent in the Masonic token or symbology. The early one had no arc for angular calculation but the Torquetum required the perpendicular calculation which it would provide.
This important symbol is known as the T-Square of Ptah and the Masons claim they are the continuation of knowledge going back at least ten thousand years. The other meanings of the degrees which all Masons go through and ties in to the vertebrae number (33) and the most puissant level claimed by Crowley (90) are all intuited in the hierarchy needed to make a decent code.
If overheard one simply explains the least important or offensive attribution of the code. So in this one excerpt we have the technology and a far more ancient date thereof than our history has told us - we also have it appearing all over the world and some secretive potentials associated with it.

J. K. Galbreath Confesses

by Robert Baird



These people insist there is no plan - well if that were so - isn't that  reason enough to make a plan? A plan to create abundance for all and a plan that is not mortgaging the lives of every animal lifeform as well as the future of these mouths we bring to a world of nations and borders or dogma, is needed. Here is a relatively open part of the mix who I have mentioned more than once as he speaks to some of the issues of governance.

"I went also to Germany and to Sweden to study the parallel manifestations of Keynesian policy there. On this there will be later comment.
I returned to Harvard in the autumn of 1938 to find the discussion of Keynesian policy {A major tenet of Hitler's Germany involved expansion of bureaucracy just as the Physiocrats had done through establishment of standing armies at the time of Napoleon which The Economist said led to 'inhumane bureaucracy in their millennium issue.} even more intense at home.

{Galbreath was Canadian but he is referring to the US here. In Canada Mackenzie King had just met Hitler and was all for his programs.} Much of it was under the aegis of Professor Alvin Harvey Hansen, who, at first was a critic of Keynes, had become his strongest American voice. More than a Harvard audience was now involved: responsible officials came from Washington to participate in Hansen's seminars, and the nightly train carried my academic colleagues to Washington to advise and consult with sympathetic or merely accessible officials there. In 1939, as earlier told, I spent much time in Washington myself, directing a major retrospective study of the public-works and public-employment experience. Not surprisingly, though not without controversy (it was, indeed, sharp), my report gave a full and unduly optimistic endorsement to the Keynesian interpretation of this experience. 'The view that depressions will correct themselves if left alone is by no means dead, but there is grave doubt if it is likely to become again the basis of public policy.' {Biblio: Galbreath, The Economic Effects of the Federal Works Expenditures, 1933-1938, p. 4}

Prior to the appearance of The General Theory, there had been some movement in this direction, Marriner Eccles, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and Lauchlin Currie, its most influential staff member, had been thinking and, on occasion, speaking in similar terms. Accepting the all too evident limits of monetary policy-cheap loanable funds that no one borrowed-they had urged as necessary direct fiscal stimulus and government support to purchasing power. They were heard but were thought mildly eccentric, these were bizarre ideas to emerge from, of all places, a central bank! Now, with the high authority of Keynes, there was a union of Keynesians and those who, under the pressure of experience, had come to accept the practical policy. Moving to the White House as the first economic adviser to a President, Currie used his office and prestige to bring people of reliable Keynesian view to positions of economic importance in the various government departments. It was thus that I later became involved in price control operations.

To the extent that a Marxist cabal existed in the New Deal, it was, as I have said, of slight significance. {Marx was supported by Royals and Masons long before his work was used as part of this Hegelian dialectic in major ways in other parts of the world.} A Keynesian consortium was a reality: there was an informal but close association of those known to accept and urge the Keynesian view. Had the influence of this consortium been fully appreciated, it would have been thought not less dangerous than that of Karl Marx. And as the Keynesian ideas gained recognition and a following so, indeed, did the orthodox paranoia. Keynesians were dangerous people, scholars of decent respectability and appropriate caution kept clear." (4)

John Ralston Saul is a top economist with a degree from King's College in London. He is also the other half of the Governor-General position in Canada. He says the end of the Bretton Woods Agreement which expanded the FED or Rockefeller/Rothschild economic control was the most significant and dangerous act of the 20th Century. It led to the formation of The World Bank and IMF where arbitrageurs and old money is now ruling much of the world.

Paul Volcker the ex-Fed Chairman oversees the preparations for Bilderberg meetings and what will be discussed at Rothschild Hotels each year. I can only hope people take notice of the things I am saying.

The Family of Jesus or the Rothschild

Reading Sample from the "Tuckahoe Mud" by Robert Baird



Jaroslav Pelikan is the Sterling Professor of History and William Clyde De Vere Lecturer at this University which the Rockefeller/Rothschilds have so many attachments to. Yale is a central issue in research into the halls of power beyond the existence of Skull & Bones or the CIA people there. They also control the Olduvai Gorge research on the origins of man as well as so much in the administration of the laws and training of lawyers that I briefly mentioned I have dealt with in other books.

There is a little town or city in Switzerland called Sion which is rumored to have a connection to the Priory of Sion that I may look into in greater detail someday. Switzerland is the center of Rothschild and Battenberg Royal history for the last thousand years or since the time Rome supposedly fell and Christianity became what it is today. The red cross of the Red Cross is part of this along with the Templar red crosses which looked over the voyages or invasions of Columbus and Vasco da Gama. Here is Pelikan speaking about these red cross symbols.

"In an age in which the healing of the nations from the ravages of hunger, disease, and war has become the dominant moral imperative, Jesus the Healer has come to assume a central place. It was an emblem of the central place of Jesus {Perhaps for a lot longer than he knows.} when, under the terms of the Geneva Convention of 1864 for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick of Armies in the Field, the international organization created to carry out that moral imperative took the name 'Red Cross Society', its symbol, based on a reversal of the colors of the Swiss flag, is a red cross on a white background. Yet the connection between evangelization in the name of Jesus and the mission of help and healing has also been an issue for debate, especially in the twentieth century. This debate, too, comes as a commentary on the literal meaning of a word in the Gospels: 'Whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.' {Biblio: Mark 9.41} It has almost seemed that in every epoch there were some who were primarily interested in naming the name of Christ, clarifying its doctrinal and theological meaning, and defending that meaning against its enemies-but who named the name without giving the cup of water.

Yet it has seemed possible for others to give the cup of water, to provide the healing, and to improve the social lot of the disadvantaged {Yes, and they are the ones who created the disadvantageous divisions and castes in society to begin with.}-but to do so without explicitly naming the name of Christ. Does that saying of Jesus mean that each of these ways of responding to his summons is only a partial obedience to this dual command? In the answer to this question, much of the debate over the primary responsibility of Christ's disciples in the modern world has concentrated on the disjunction between the two components of the imperative." (12)

Yes, there is jargon and code or esoteric meaning in this which even he does not know in the fullest depth I think. If you spent the next ten years reading the books of my friends Jim Marrs, Victor Thorn and other so-called 'conspiracy theorists' and checking into the information they provide as well as the actual acts of the elite you might come to realize anything is not only possible it has or is about to happen. But if you were to say after this study that you knew for certain that there is no higher authority than the Rothschilds I would still tell you I do not know. I have studied it a lot longer as you might imagine simply due to my own name and knowing about Martha Baird Rockefeller all my life.

About the Author



Robert Bruce Baird

At a young age growing up with a father who had read the total complement of books in a library as a teenager and older brothers who had read Moby Dick by grade two,
I had to compete.  I learned to love learning and at the age of five I was in grade two because the only grade I skipped was kindergarten (it started the next year where I was living outside Toronto) and they let me in early due to the obvious

success of my oldest brother who was already teaching adults in the military while still in grade eight. School bored me and I went from Grade 13 in Ontario into the last year you could get into Public Accounting without a degree. It seems that I was always just getting in under the wire.

After three years of accounting and having been an officer in the Militia which I joined a year before I should have (my only real lie in life) I started my own business with my brother John. It involved traveling all over the States and a lot of learning occurred. We promoted cities in a unique advertising poster and hired my engineer oldest brother. At the age of about 30 I was a millionaire and wrote College Equivalency tests to by pass a BA and got into the best business university through a very exclusive program that required getting over 75%-ile in the Princeton GMAT among other things. Oh, I was written up as a new Horatio Alger and had all I thought I wanted - but it was not good for me, I found. I next got into R & D dealing in a concept that Tesla would have enjoyed hearing how the big boys love to shelve the truly cheap and educative potential that science can offer. I had married a teacher who I loved so much I had given my all for ten years to get married. But she found living with a forever commitment too hard to enjoy and we got divorced but still stayed great friends for 25 years.

About five years ago - I decided I would not play ball in the material world anymore and then began to fight the system. For the past three years I have been writing about a book every six weeks. Most people can't imagine how much it means to create and give your every loving fibre in your soul. Some say I am a fool. It is true! One of my lifelong favorite sayings is 'A fool thinks he is a wise man...'. I don't really care if you think I am a fool - try thinking for yourself - don't follow me - it is hard work - but I love it.

Robert Bruce Baird
"The Collective Works"

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Mr. Baird is a regular columnist at ES Press Magazine and hopes to make people aware of all that humanity can be, through many outreaches and courses in the coming years. We are proud to say we were the one of the first to really support his efforts. We hope you support all that we try to provide for you from all the various authors we bring to you; who see the world is not as certain or black and white as some have lead us to believe.



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  • Integrating Soul and Science

  • Alchemy, Sages, Peryllats, Philosophers, and Humanists

  • Diverse Druids

  • Who is a Jew

  • Jesus and the Gnostic Cathars

  • Cherokee People (Will Return)

  • The Rising Roman Empire

  • Columbus the Itinerant Cathar

Social Commentary
  • The Unnecessary War

  • Religion and Social Engineering

  • Which Doctors

  • Tuckahoe Mud (Physiocrats and Jeffersonian 'Rogues')

  • I Was a Hippie

  • Hitler versus Frabato and The Charm of Making

  • People on the Path


(P.E.A.K. P.E.O.P.L.E. )

  • Volume 1: Science

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Historical Fiction (Novel)
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Popular Fiction
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Diverse Druids
A New History for Humanity

by Robert Baird

Publisher: Invisible College Press; (October 2003)
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A Reader's Review

It makes so much sense to think that if we had been allowed to >retain our pagan heritage the world would have been a better place. Institutional religion which is consummately held by wealth and misinterpretation has completely distorted and made a mockery of the great teachers. "Christianity "does not teach the universal and humane teachings of Jesus Christ. The Zionist Jews do not teach the humanity of the Kabala . The Nichiren Shoshu Buddhists do not practice the spirituality of Buddhism and emphasize instead the gaining of material things through chanting. The real purpose of chanting is to focus on the objective of enlightenment. All of the magic and power of joined souls as in the harmonic convergence can't be realized without the faith in universal sharing of chi and aloha and a common interest in improving the human condition. This was the message of the teachers. We can't make the world a better place by building walls or temples of containment but by overcoming the separation of humanity which are established to enslave rather than liberate. I pray in our lifetime that we will come to the great need of understanding for the human spectrum that we as humans share . We are all of the same composition of body and soul. We all have fear and love at each end of the spectrum of emotion. We are all fixed by our bodily functions in the same way . We are all at various points of departure from this plane. We all live and we all die. Many of us suffer cruel and unusual lives. Many of us waste from hunger, when we can all be fed. Many of us suffer the terrible fate of war. War is now a business . Our belief and political systems have convinced us that war is not an exception but a necessity . Great reading ,and very revealing insights into the cultural paradigms which have replaced research, study, questioning authority, critical thinking .



People on the Path

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A Brief Introduction

(P.E.A.K. P.E.O.P.L.E.)


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I Was a Hippie

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Tuckahoe Mud
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Bacon and the Bard

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Robert Bruce Baird
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