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Interview with Robert Baird


Q: (Question by W-M Editor)
A: (Answer by Robert Baird) 

Q:  Your books are really good. Why do you think people are not buying them?

A:  It is hard to get attention of the public when nobody knows who you are. There is no way that I can highlight the numerous unique things in any book I have done in a short book description. Promotions such as the radio interviews are good, but these are not going to make people want to face reality. They will face it when they think they need to in order for other people to think they are 'with it' or because it is 'hot' or will make them 'more' of something. How and when or how much promotion is required to make that happen? Very little if I could get a major review or endorsement from someone they trust - otherwise they think I am just a nut who beats his own drum. So far not one sale has resulted from that radio or network exposure. I expect it will take many such interviews and lots of word of mouth - or just one 'personality' to endorse it. But even with Jim Marrs saying that nice stuff about me - I can not think that one person on his site has actually bought anything of mine. People also think they can get everything I have to offer from the sites I am on. In fact I am cutting back on giving my insights away because of that. And that may not be good in the long run - because people do need to see the facts regardless of whether I sell a book or not.
I am not selling a New Age or Conspiracy idea that people can read and find more proof for what they already want to believe. Some of the titles of the e-books that are obvious and cheap might get some sales on the basis of 'why not' and 'what is to lose'.

As is the case when you listen to my comments to Jack about aliens. I do not see a black and white answer. I see facts and decisions based on facts. Some people want to believe - I am not selling belief - I am selling facts. This is why a person MUST read the whole book and comment on it. But as you know I have great reviews from people who took the time to do it and check the facts - but they are not known personalities; and potential buyers figure - who the hell are THEY and WHO the hell am I to challenge all their Sacred Cows. I have been through this for two or three decades with people who love me - and they only now begin to see how right I am. But that won't motivate them to have to spend the time it takes to learn how scary the world situation really is - and if they knew and thought about it - what the HELL can anyone DO anyway?  Depressing stuff is hard to swallow - as I see it.

You can only imagine what it is like to know and see how things are and not have any real hope that while alive my message will be heard. Still one must do what is RIGHT - or else humanity is doomed. I can tell you I will continue to refine and improve and spend every hour available to do whatever I can DO. I have spent money and given my all - and I feel good about what I have created - that may be my ONLY reward.

Q:  What ten greatest proofs of worldwide travelers or cell diffusion would you say exist in the realm of academia? Why with the thousands of similar things is the education system still selling the Flat Earth?


  1. The mummification techniques or technologies of Peru and the Canary Islands as well as the Alaskan mummies are now seen in the Hebrides which once was Thule before the waters rose as the glaciers subsided or long before that when the glaciers started to cover Scotland.
  2. The bas-relief of Kelts in Lima, Peru.
  3. The cocaine which is forensically shown to be in Egyptian mummies that came from Peru.
  4. Haplogroup X genetic tracking shows the Sioux and other so-called natives are Kelts and they may have arrived in America before they arrived in Eastern Europe.
  5. The Tarim Basin Red-Heads and so many things related to that region.
  6. The Roman statue found in Mexico that is a 99% archaeological certainty according to David Kelley who also was part of the team that broke the Mayan Code which David Coe wrote is a greater discovery than space travel and the human genome. Coe is now retired and more able to talk freely but he is not all that aware or able to know why that might be true.
  7. The sweat house technology and microflints which are covered by Professor Jennings in his Smithsonian proclaimed 'authoritative' book called
    The Prehistory of North America.
  8. A 5000 year out of place North American horse that I have found in the accepted archaeological record at a place where the Phoenicians mined copper and pure ores unlike any other ores before the age of smelting began in earnest.
  9. The Jomon (Ainu are white people in Japan's Jomon province) pottery in Ecuador.
  10. Red ochre and cinnabar which makes mercury and is vital to the alchemical arts but is not understood by archaeologists. It is on the bones of the Mungo Man and the Beothuk seven foot leader where the name redskins came from.

Q:  What is the Lost Chord and does this kind of knowledge mean the whole 'miss-story' of ET and ELohim is mere myth?

A:  We need not look to aliens like Sitchin or Gardner and others have done as part of why technology suddenly erupted in Sumer where the records show they were colonized out of Dilmun which I posit was Byblos on the Persian Gulf where records show the Phoenicians were selling ships to Egypt in the 3rd millennium BCE.

Q:  Why did the alchemists like St Germain play a part in these intrigues if they are humanists as you say?

A:  He was a De Medicis and I think therefore a Rothschild relative as well as a Hapburg bastard of some sort. These Merovingians have pursued esoteric knowledge in their families for many millennia since Melchizedek and probably long before that.
Their stated humanistic intents may in fact be true but the average person has not tried to study and learn the reality of the soul 'within' and needed myths to be guided by in their daily life. This became more and more true as priestly manipulators and lesser nobles gained importance and rebelled against the people who colonized or interbred with them for millennia.

Q:  Flat Earth and navigation

A:  There are hundreds and perhaps more proofs or evidences that I and the likes of Campbell, Professor Bernal, and Jesse Jennings document. I think I have compiled enough to show the elites advantaged themselves until they finally invaded paradise like the mini-series with Kevin Costner simply states though it was not very academic or able to prove the point.

Q:  Who are the Bees? (Rothschilds/De Medicis/Stuart/Hapsburg/Milesian/Semites)

A:  When you see the Bees of Childeric on the investiture robe of Napoleon who married a Merovingian and was guided by esotericists you start to see what is going on.
When you find Jacquetta Hawkes talking about the Bee pendant of the Royal House of Mallia in Crete from 2000 BCE you are getting back to what the Benjaminites who were thrown out of Israel are all about.
The electrum-plated coins of Phocaea with the Bee and many other things are great clues to follow these travelers who traded drugs and emeralds for trinkets and knew this still when Columbus took a hold full of trinkets along with disease-bearing dogs on his first trip to the Americas. Columbus was not so crazy as the Britannica would have you believe. He was a double or triple agent in intrigues I start the exploration of which I hope will free all people called Jews forced to convert as happened on the day he left port.

Q:  What is your understanding of Karma and Reincarnation?

A:  It is not simple personality or self that is immortal. Karma was included in Christianity until the 5th Century and the rise of Roman or Pauline Catholicism (Constantinism) as The Law of  Retribution. In short 'what goes around comes around'.

Q:   Have you noticed that teachings of Jesus seem to be a "carbon copy" of teachings of Buddha?

A:  Issa learned a lot and the Bardic Schools had devolved to the point of mere cults by the time of Jesus/Apollonius or others in the Jesus amalgam. Yeshua was a Merovingian of the royal House of David and part of the Benjaminites as well through Joseph of Arimathaea. The Gaedhilic/Gnostic/Hermetic schools of Alexandria where he and his twin Thomas or Simon Magus and Cleopatra studied were still very adept in sciences people call magic.

Q:  Life after Death?

A:  There is a physiological or physical energy of the solar body that forms a bridge in the Bardol states (see Jung's forward to The Tibetan Book of the Dead). This energy is not the whole soul but may bring a soul back to the earthly plane if the soul has not learned all it must learn before greater connectiveness and love or other ascended possibilities will evolve for the energy of the multi-dimensional soul which is comprised of many who may meet and know each other in incarnations on earth.

Q:   Who really rules our planet?

A:   Stupid power-mongers who think man is unable to be more than they have made the masses become. Some of their lot are willing to change the way things are if people start to seem able to be lead rather than simply react to Machiavellian 'appeals to base human urges' (see The Prince). I include Carlyle among them; as well as other Hibernians including St. Bernard, Nostradamus and St. Germain. But that does not mean they are willing to have what happened to the Cathars, Jacques de Molay or the Gracchi happen again.

Q:  What is the Philosophers Stone? There are many different explanations out there. What is yours?

A:  There are many (!) codes and there are many layers of meaning. Psycho-spiritually they are not talking about turning lead into gold. But there are those who worked the material side of it a lot more and who have done that. In fact I was offered the opportunity to do so with a modern biochemical consultant who is an alchemist and who agreed with me about the formula (from Paracelsus and in two parts in separate books) as well as the required attunement of a spiritual nature. I refer you to the second edition of The Philosopher's Stone by Regardie written 25 years after the first edition. In it he changes his POV about it being a mere metaphor that Chopra and others say it is. He saw it done and I deal with this in great detail vis a vis Salt Lake City as you will see. One of the codes is the Green Languages that come from the Hibernians as detailed by David Ovason in his book The Secrets of Nostradamus. This Green Language such as used by Jonathon Swift and Carlyle in Sartor Resartus and many others is derived from Ogham and shamanic things called after the BRDS or Bairds such as the Language of the Birds.

Kaballah is 'twisted' and abusive of the real knowledge though most could not handle the real knowledge and you can argue the twisting makes it safe. But the more I learn the more I know the safe aspect has to do with elites. And yes, duality or the sun and moon as in Sol - o - mon is a small part of the 'As Above, SO Below' Law of the Magi. It is reflected in our recent neuroscientific understanding of the brain hemispheres and the Yin and Yang of the Tao.
I am no expert on the codes and I have read hundreds and perhaps thousands of alchemical treatises or authors. I attune myself to the words and get the right meaning quite well after many years; but the techniques of it all are not something I could lay out in a scholarly fashion. Some of it may be a resonance with my genetic structure (BRDS) and my Ogham mentor said my poetry has the rhythm of the dialects which I can assure you I did not know. I have had the ability to speak in these ways and mesmerize people or other attunements. He witnessed these things and was amazed.

Q:  I've always thought that wisdom should be shared. According to Buddhism, ignorance is the main source of human suffering. In the times of the Inquisitions  philosophers had to hide their knowledge using a "code" and metaphors to pass it to; through the sea of time like a message in a bottle...(and not be killed for it). Is there a chance that this knowledge in wrong hands could be very harmful? I remember reading somewhere that only people with a "pure heart" can really use its full power...

A:  Yes, there is a very good chance that the knowledge is being abused and thus I am trying to inform people of that fact. I am going to try to convey that knowledge more in this book on Alchemy but it is already in many of my books. I specifically refer to the knowledge that these sell-outs have indeed been part of a most disgusting plot. And yet it is not so black and white because it is the ignorance of everyday people that makes them in danger for their lives when they try to tell truths the system does not want to hear. I am an example of what can happen in the modern heresy trials or ostracism that happens when you know what is going on. However, I am not one to accept the label of master or guru and I tell everyone that 'all is within' and try to help them see their own Divine Potential rather than advantage myself through their adulation and other things. I also think I know how to create a manna machine and Stone. The manna machine combines Reichean orgone and what Ed did at the Coral Castle along with the symbolic focused forces or energy wells and vectors of dimensional energy that allows the Stone to compress and manipulate matter and more. The Stone also breaches or opens into the dimensions of time. 
Will I ever get the funds and team of people to do this together? Not likely.


More questions and answers coming soon.

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