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The Red Star of Bethlehem

by David Millo

"We have seen his star appear in the first rays of dawn...
and lo, the star which they had seen in the east, went on before
them, until it came and stood over where the child was."

This bible narrative from Matthew recounts the actions of ancient
astronomers - Wise Men. The first sentence is a fuller translation
of the original Greek text.

With the first rays of dawn on February 1, 4 BC that star appeared.
It was the vermilion supergiant Antares just emerging from the
Moon's glare in the Bagdad sky. And the quasi-universally named
Antares ("Equivalent of Mars") had an ancient twin nearby - Mars
(Aries). [Skytools CD Rom] It was the "wandering star" Mars that
the Wise Men followed for about the expected 7 week journey.

Mars had an Arean association to the Babylonians. Iran comes
from the word Aryan. Antares was one of the 4 Royal Stars
of Persia. Aries was the constellation of the Hebrew tribe of Judah -
the tribe of the Messiah, the ruling sign that was giving way to
Pisces about 60 BC. The ruling constellation is crowned by the
spring equinox Sun rising within it's borders. The Sanskrit meaning
of Aryan was "a way of life that aims at the elevation of everyone in
society to a higher level of consciousness." Mangala, the Sanskrit
name for Mars means "the auspicious one".

Auspiciously, Mars' retrograde motion made it appear to stand still
for some 5 days centered on the spring equinox. It was at full
phase quite near Antares. An archaeologist believed early Greek
temples were oriented toward the rising or setting of Antares at the
spring equinox.This vernal equinox is the beginning of the celestial
year - a time of birth.

Antares becomes visible in the southeastern sky about mid-spring
to observers in the northern hemisphere. About the time Mars
reaches it's autumn equinox in May, it's southern polar cap will be
near maximum diameter.

The apostle Paul expounded on the 'UNKNOWN GOD'S" altar to the
Athenians on Mars Hill (Acts 17:22-31). Next Paul went on to Corinth
where there was an Antares aligned temple.

Prophetic writing placed the Messiah's birth in the district of
Bethlehem ("House of Bread") as was King David's (Micah 5:2).

On August 27, 2003, Mars makes it's closest approach in 73,000
years and will be the brightest since the 30 AD ministry of Jesus
2,002 bible years earlier.

This 2003 opposition will be 56 million km. away. The 4 BC standstill
averaged about 56 million miles distant. Mars has a flayed skin of
'exactly' 56 million square miles. Antares has a minimum diameter
of some 560 million miles. The Jews gathered 56 years prior to 2003
to form their own homeland.

Mars is the god of war.

Sonic Levitation Made Easy

by David Millo

In days gone by the sons of heaven came to the wedding of Harmonia, and the
walls and towers of Thebes rose to the sound of Amphion's lyre...
[Euripides, Phoenician Women 824]

Mythology is replete with testimonies of sonic levitation. The sound employed
can be simply spoken 'words of power', singing, chanting, musical instruments
- the spectrum. And this definitely has been accomplished in modern times.

There are cyclopean megaliths that seem inseparable from a sonic means of
levitation. How else was primitive man to construct such wonders when he had
to ascend steep Andean mountains in thin air ?

Ed Leedskalnin said he unlocked the powers of Nature that built the pyramids
- by very studious observation. CoralCastle.com bears witness of his skill. Ed
emphasized "...the negative electricity is everything, and the positive electricity
is nothing." "In black anti-auroras... negatively charged particles are sucked
out from the Earth's ionosphere along adjoining magnetic field lines."
Likewise, some physicists recognize equations that give all the normal forces and particles a shadow twin. "Only gravity would be shared between the 2 worlds."
[Astronomy, Jan 2002, pp 38, 39]

The universe is an ocean of energy in which everything takes place. With a
mystical knowledge of this ocean, Tibetan monks are well known to have used
sound to levitate huge boulders - (put Tibetan levitation in search engine)
63 meters Sonic bombardment distance to boulders 6.31 x 10^83 cm Standing wavelength of cosmic ocean (calculated by author)

A standing wave is much like a whirlpool in a river. That of space-time has a
frequency of 3.14 x 10^76 cm/sec. If the span used by the monks is multiplied
times pi the result is telling -

14^2 m Circumference of resulting circle 1.4^2 x 10^160 Space-time ocean vortex velocity cm/s (calculated by author)

Kurt Godel mathematically constructed a rotating universe that turned time and
space around in spirals. It precisely satisfied the field equation of general
relativity. [Discover, Mar 2002, pp 41, 42] Vortices are the most efficient form
of energy transfer.

1.4^2 x 10^7 Frozen light's wave compression and photon reduction factors
[Scientific American, July 2001, p 70]
1.4^2 x 10^ -3 Cosmic background radiation brightness at 1 mm wavelength
[21st Century Astronomy, Jeff Hester, p 495]

10^12 x sound energy = light energy
1.4 x 10^ -12 Eletrovolts of quantum gravity/second (see 4th paragraph)

Time is the inverse of frequency; 1 / frequency = time. "Hyperfocusing" sound
with time-reversed acoustics has been achieved in imaging an ultrasmall object.
It yielded a spot 1/14 of the initial sound's wavelength.

"... intense acoustic waves are nonlinear in their basic character and therefore
may exert a net acoustic radiation pressure on an object sufficient to balance
the gravitational force..."
[McGraw Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology]

Many ancient cultures were in tune with Nature's physics far better than we.
And they didn't pull such knowledge out of thin air.

The Ancient Vessels of Wisdom

by David Millo

Trade was once the magic carpet of knowledge transfer. Camels
were the ships of the desert and the Phoenicians were master ship
builders and navigators.

Nowhere brought these elements together like the seaport of
Alexandria on the Mediterranean. It's Pharos Lighthouse was one
of the 7 Wonders of the World. Yet it's far reaching beam was
feeble in contrast to the enlightenment to be found in another
Wonder - the Library of Alexandria.

There was also a Temple of Poseidon at Alexandria. Poseidon
ruled the seas. In northern Rhodes there was a hereditary line of
Phoenician priests of Poseidon. The priesthood of advanced
cultures were the guardians of wisdom. Like the Greek "cosmos"
(order, harmony, proportion) suggests, true religion is an intimate
understanding of the science that compose all things.

About 87 BC, an artisan likely associated with the Posidonios of
Rhodes school constructed a clockwork instrument magnitudes in
advance of anything representing the ancient world. It was found
in the Greek Antikythera shipwreck of the early 1st century BC
and shows signs of several repairs.

This clock instrument is inscribed on the front and back. It
contains "... 31 bronze gears arranged around a differential
turntable that marked lunar, solar and constellation movements on
a 4 year cycle... A driveshaft out of the bottom was probably driven
by a waterclock..." This is in the context of seafaring that goes
back to 9,000 BC in the archaeological record.(1)

The Library of Alexandria was begun circa 297 BC, 15 years
before another Wonder the Colossus of Rhodes was finished.
This bronze statue was so gargantuan that it was said to have
bestrode a harbor.

A new Library of Alexandria was to be occupied over the original
undersea location in July 2002. The 1st library catalogued it's
700,000 manuscripts and had the right to copy every book
entering the country.

A renowned 'university' city of learning, Heliopolis, Egypt, is to be
excavated in 2002. In 5,000 BC the city was called On
(Arabic: 'Ain-Shams - "sun eye" or "spring of the sun". Ayin is a
letter of the Hebrew alphabet meaning spring or eye. On goes
back to an age when Egyptian texts say priest-kings ruled from
this ancient seat of power.(2)

On's exact latitude was chosen based on the 6x6x60 Sumerian
beru circumfrence of the Earth at it's site north of Giza. This beru
application was based on a combination of time and arc
functions. The beru was also used to measure the distance
between celestial bodies by the Sumerians.(3)

The beru arc function of 24 hours (86,400 seconds) is used to
calibrate celestial longitude in modern astronomy. The gods
applied this measure to a vertical circle encompassing the
sunrise Sphinx and the legendary sunset sphinx (1 second =
1 royal cubit). There are 86,400 seconds of time in a day, a
calibration inherited from the Sumerians.

Some trace must still remain of the sunset sphinx beneath the
sands of time. The sphinxes' latitude is based on the extension
of Earth's equator into space. This celestial equator is also 30
degrees north and runs just above the constellation Orion's 3
belt stars. These 3 stars represent Giza's World Wonder
pyramids. Orion's 2 brightest stars reflect the sphinxes (1 sec.
sky arc = 1 ft. on ground). Waterways once led to the Sphinx
and pyramids. Thus the Earth was brought into equilibrium
with the comic ocean.

The Great Pyramid is composed of geopolymer limestone
blocks. This advanced chemistry process has been duplicated
with a similar chalk (Giza's chalk is taboo). Some details of the
ancient Egyptian concrete formula yet remain.

In a cyclopean bid to gain international trade, the Romans built
Caesarea Harbor with hydraulic cement. Composed of
limestone and volcanic ash, this cement became harder than
rock underwater.(4) Roman piers have withstood 2,000 years
of seawater.

Ancient wisdom has long recorded that this age is the morally
corrosive Iron Age that would destroy itself. Ironically, there's a
1,500 year old iron pillar in India that has not rusted.

"Maya blue" is a paint of unprecedented stability. This organic
chemistry wonder was created without toxic heavy metals.

Knowledge is also accumulated by imperialist actions.
Ashurpanipal ruled much of the civilized world from Sumeria's
cradle of civilization. He created the 1st indexed and
catalogued library in history. A 2002 BBC news story said Iraqi
archaeologists and academics are planning to recreate the
library. Ashurpanipal claimed he could solve complex
mathematical problems and that he was able understand texts
dating back to before the Flood.(5)

Oxford University's main research library, the Bodleian Library,
observes it's 400th anniversary in 2002. It's internationally
renowned with 100 times the Library of Alexandria's manuscripts
in terms of volume numbers. One of it's manuscripts is of an
Arabian tradition linking pyramids in Upper Egypt with the Flood.
Two of these are much taller than Giza's and their marble casings
are inscribed with every wonder of Nature.(6)

The Arab alchemist Jabir is generally regarded as the father of
modern chemistry. He was a prolific author on the sciences. "An
analysis of the name of a thing is for Jabir an analysis of the thing
itself..." Jabir regarded [8 + 9 =] 17 as the numerical basis of the
physical world.(7) 8/9 composes the whole tone string ratio on a
musical instrument. Many scientists see the cosmos as being
composed of 'vibrating strings'.

"Music" is derived from the 9 Muse daughters of Zeus. The
Muses presided over the arts and astronomy. The universe
itself is a music scale hologram. Extrapolations of Jabir's
mathematics rule space-time in fairly simple mathematical detail.

Fire (light) and water were common components of the ancient
universe. At the nanoscale, a water molecule has a high degree
of geometric pattern and "...can be modeled precisely using the
closed-form equations of quantum field theory".(8) "Atoms
light up very rapidly near nanotubes."(9)

Light is now polluting the night sky by our "advanced" civilization.

The ancient waterclock is choked with corrosion.


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Stonehenge's 'Music' Circles

by David Millo


After Noah's Flood receded, the gods made their base in the
Tigris - Euphrates River basin and set about restoring and
civilizing the Earth.

Their knowledge vastly exceeded ours, yet they didn't
systematically apply it against Nature as we do. Their goal
was harmony. Destroying the future sustainability of the Earth
is not civilized.

When we fail to comprehend how the 'primitive' Stonehenge
trumps the sum of our sciences, it underscores our 'Stone
Age' mentality. True science is in simple symphony with all

Plato said time was born in the motions of the heavenly
bodies, renewing itself at intervals of 6x6000 years.
This is our Babylonian legacy of time calibration:
60 minutes / hour
60 seconds / minute

The tones composing the music scale are determind by a
geometric progression of circle intersections. Drawing lines
through the intersection points yields an arc of 6x6x6000

Music perfect consonances (harmonies) -
.888.... whole tone string ratio on a music instrument
x .75 fourth
= .666.... fifth

Stonehenge Circles in megalithic yards - [details follow]

.0888 x Heel Stone circumfrence = Sarcen circle circumfrence
8858 Heel Stone radius^2
88.8 3:4:5 triangle perimeter with it's area = Aubrey circle
(Babylonians discovered Pythagorean Theorem)
878 Sarcen Circle radius x circumfrence
878 Sarcen Circle area
888 x .666 = Heel Stone Circle circumfrence
6.66 Aubrey Circle r. x span to Heel Stone / Aubrey circle

6x6x6000 = 365.256 days x Heel Stone Circle circumfrence

Sarcen Circle x span to = Heel Stone Circle
radius Aubrey Circle circumfrence (almost)

888 x 8000.... light seconds = Sun's orbit period [based on
226 million year orbit]
8 = do re mi fa so la ti do octave

Heel Stone Circle 94.12 MY inner radius, hypothetical
Aubrey Circle 52.3 MY r., calibrates 56 yr. eclipse cycle
Sarcen Circle 16.72 MY inner r., marks setting midwinter
Sun, "the most fundamental" alignment

The megalithic yard (MY) of 2.72 feet is very close to the
2.718...of energy constant e. e is the rate at which anything
doubles, from plant growth to bank interest. In music, an
octave reflects a doubling as do visible wavelengths.

Everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because
the power of the world always works in circles, and
everything tries to be round. Black Elk (1863 -1950)

The Emerald Tablets Cited Records Vault and Giza Geometry 

by David Millo

The pharaohs required formidable resources just to redress the Giza monuments in their own images. An advanced race built the Giza complex, of which Thoth was the architect. Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, founded a colony in Egypt after the sinking of his mother country. Upon Thoth's third incarnation as the Greek Hermes, he left writings known to modern occultists as the Emerald Tablets.

Among Egyptian pyramid priests sent around the world, some carried the Emerald Tablets with them. The Tablets were used as a talisman to exercise authority over lesser priest-craft races descended from other Atlantean colonies. Characters are engraved upon the imperishable Tablets which respond to attuned thought waves, releasing mental vibrations in the reader's mind.

The translation of the Emerald Tablets is in the public domain. This is what the 11th division of the Tablets say about a depository of star knowledge:

“Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I builded [Sphinx],
to the apex of the [Great] pyramid, built as a gateway.
Draw ye another in the same angle and direction.
Dig ye and find that which I have hidden.”

Mirroring this geometry to the west yields a huge cross section of the Great Pyramid's form on the Giza Plateau. The height of this pyramid is approximately the golden ratio [1.618] times 1000 royal cubits. The base comes to the golden ratio squared times 1000 royal cubits [20.6 in.]. The golden ratio imbues Nature and presents a pleasing proportion to the eye. Sacred geometry was the prosaic mold the ancients cast all things in.

At the very tip of the pyramid cited is the entrance to the Atlantean vault. It corresponds to enlightenment and the energy distilling capabilities of the Great Pyramid's missing crystal capstone.


Giza's True Mirror Image

In the Egyptian solar religion, the sunrise Sphinx takes the Sun in his jaws and passes it to the sunset sphinx who passes it under the Earth to complete the circuit. Orion's star Rigel mimics the Sun in the 1st's jaws and Betelgeuse mimics the Sun in the 2nd's jaws. Rigel's and Betelgeuse's observed diameters fluctuate. Diameters: Rigel .09 arc seconds, Betelgeuse .05

Pyramid tip to axis of - Light second span to Sun-
Great Pyramid .354 mi. 361  Venus
2nd Pyamid    .500mi. 499 Earth
3rd Pyramid    .77mi. 760 Mars

Notes and Sources

Star coordinates are for 20,364 BC Egyptian creation ("First Time") - SkyTools CD ROM

Royal cubit = 20.6 in. (Cubits were varying, applied measures calibrated by the Nile's rise, latitude of site, applicable gods' triad, etc. Her-Bak Egyptian Initiate, Isha Schwaller De Lubicz, pp 293, 294)

56 degree Sphinx survey - Guide to the Giza Plateau (chart), R F McKenty, RFM@sunship.com


Giza's True Mirror Image Diagram


The Emerald Tablets Cited Records Vault and Giza Geometry

This is what the prophet Edgar Cayce said of the Atlantean vault entrance:

"This in position lies, as the Sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow or light falls between the paws of the Sphinx, that was later set as the sentinel or guard, and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's paw until the time has been fulfilled..." 

Egyptian texts suggest the pyramids were ramps whereby deceased kings would ascend the Sun's rays to reach the sky. This geometry of light was echoed by the Great Pyramid. Facing the sunrise, the Great Pyramid's flank rises at an angle of almost 52 degrees. 51 degrees is the secondary refraction angle of light in water, forming a secondary rainbow. The edges of the Pyramid are angled at 42 degrees. This angle forms the more common primary rainbow. The missing crystal capstone is similar to a water droplet prism.

Cayce also said the Hall of records was located between the Sphinx and the river. The Nile once flooded north of the Giza complex. The river also refers to the river of time, geometrically anchored by the sunrise and sunset sphinxes.

The ancients also regarded the Milky Way of shimmering stars as a river. On the spring equinox of 11,542 BC the Sun Ark was on the west bank of the Milky Way River in Gemini. The Earth's shadow was on the west bank of this river in Sagittarius (SkyTools CD ROM).The spring equinox marks the start of the celestial year. Spring heralded the beginning of the Nile flood - a time of rebirth. The western horizon was the threshold of the river to the Celestial Palace of Eternity and rebirth as a star. In 11,542 two very long interval calendars coincided. It was the likely genesis of the Great Pyramid's construction.

It was star knowledge that was secreted in the Giza vault. This is what Edfu, Egypt text said of a vault of records:

...a pyramid shaped entrance hall surrounded by 12 cylindrical chambers, [the Chambers of Creation], each containing material from a different branch of knowledge.


The Egyptian First Time

Since lions often lived on desert margins, the Egyptians considered them as guardians of the eastern and western horizons where the Sun was born and died. The god Aker was depicted as 2 lions back to back with the solar disk between them. The passing of the Sun Ark from the sunrise Sphinx to the sunset sphinx was expressed as guiding the Celestial Barge from yesterday to tomorrow, for the Sun voyages the cosmic ocean of space-time.

Egyptian Genesis Diagram

The Egyptians divided the celestial sphere into 24 hours as is done with celestial longitude today. Giza's 2 sphinxes were encompassed by a vertical circle of about 8,640 royal cubits (86,400 seconds = 1 day). This circle was called the Duat and had a boundless metaphysical duality. Duality and symmetry were the very essence of anything Egyptian.

The Emerald Tablets say "4 are the Sons of Horus, 2 are the guards of East and West..." The god Horus' 4 sons were each associated with a cardinal compass point and were under the protection of a netert. "Neteru [plural] are the divine principles and functions that operate the universe." Thoth was 'he who reckons in heaven, the counter of stars and the measurer of the earth.'


The Lion's Great Flood

Supreme, Supreme, Anointed:
Lord whose shining crown with terror is laden
Supreme planet : a seat he has set up
Facing the confined orbit of the red planet [Mars].
Daily within the Lion he is afire...

[Sumerian prose translation by Zecharia Sitchin in The 12th Planet]

Ancient Sumerian text also says the Deluge occurred in the "Age of the Constellation Lion". Mars tightly looped in it's orbit for some 40 days and nights in 21,460 BC. The spring equinox christened while the god of war was near Leo's crown. [SkyTools CD ROM]

The Egyptians said their great gods came to Egypt after a great flood circa 21,000 BC. They restored the Nile River Valley as they had the river basins of present day Iraq. [Zecharia Sitchin]

The Emerald Tablets emphasize how the celestial is impressed on the terrestrial. Giza is at nearly 30 degrees latitude. What's known as the solar apex of the cosmic sphere is at 30 degrees latitude. The Earth's equator extended into space, the celestial equator, runs just above Orion's belt stars. Sirius mimics the Sun the sunset sphinx passes under the Earth. Sirius is the brightest evening star with a near - sunrise rising period of just 12 minutes longer than a solar year apart. The Egyptian 1461 year calendar was based on this period and it was apparently key to the commencement of the Great Pyramid's construction. The Great Pyramid's form was said to have been an image that fell from heaven. It "... was built as a record of the ancient wisdom, so that the later races could read from the symbolism contained therein, all that ancient man knew of the Creator".


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